As part of our corporate and commercial practice, we provide virtual general counsel litigation services.

What is a Virtual General Counsel?

One of the most efficient ways we can help you curb costs is by providing virtual general counsel legal services. Our virtual legal counselors address and assist with legal tasks businesses commonly face. This helps your company obtain legal assistance without the budgetary burden of overhead and other full-time resources. We get to know your business as an in-house legal team, but only work according to your needs. Whether it be on an as-needed or less-than-full-time basis.

Using Outside Counsel as Virtual General Counsel

We recognize that companies of all sizes favor differing approaches when it comes to retaining legal counsel. Many companies are reluctant to hire outside counsel. Additionally, it is common for smaller companies to be cautious in budgeting for legal needs. Accordingly, it is important to have immediate access to an attorney that understands your business and is prepared to promptly respond to your needs.  So, even companies with their own in-house counsel often need the support of a regular outside general counsel familiar with operational processes and business objectives. As a result, hiring Virtual General Counsel is the answer.

What We Offer as Virtual General Counsel (Virtual GC) Services

Our business lawyers have considerable experience in working with companies in a virtual general counsel or legal advisory capacity.  We work with in-house counsel providing special experience in all areas of commercial and intellectual property law across numerous industries. Our virtual GCs are flexible, service-oriented, and empathetic to your legal needs. We will work with you to tailor legal service options and fee arrangements that best fit your budget and requirements.

Our Outside General Counsel Services

We can designate an industry-experienced attorney to seamlessly integrate into your business and serve as your outside general counsel. And, we assign a senior management team available on-call for strategic consultation, activity management, budget control, and interface as needed on your schedule.