International Business Law Services

Your business doesn’t stop at the US border, and neither do we.

As global business continues to become more pervasive, all companies must consider the opportunities and risks presented by international sourcing and international sales of goods and services. Our experienced international business attorneys help clients realize these opportunities and effectively manage risk in international transactions, giving the firm a global outlook and reach.

We have the transactional and regulatory expertise to help companies navigate business opportunities and risks around the globe, and have effective relationships with local legal resources in every key international market.

Industry-Focused International Business Law Solutions

Although our International Business legal practice covers a myriad of industries, some areas where we have significant experience advising client regarding international business legal matter include: Consumer Products, Cosmetics, Cybersecurity, Digital Arts, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Energy, Fashion, Luxury Brands, Health Technology, Restaurants, Retail, Software, Sporting Goods, Technology, and Telecommunications.

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International Business Services & Solutions

Our attorneys handle a number of matters related to international business, including:

U.S. Counsel for Foreign Entities

Our attorneys have advised clients on transactions involving over 150 countries, and also serve as US counsel to foreign clients from all over the world.

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Additional Information on Our International Business Legal Services

International Business Transactions

Today’s global marketplace offers a plethora of opportunities but can also introduce significant challenges and risks. Our international business attorneys can help clients in identifying and managing these risks.

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International Joint Ventures

Sometimes the best way to enter a foreign market is to collaborate with a local partner. Each of these relationships is unique and must be reviewed carefully and deliberately, and the international joint venture agreement is a critical part of defining and managing the relationship with foreign partners.

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International Distributors

Foreign distributors can help companies gain access to a new market abroad. However, if not property investigated and managed, these relationships can be more trouble than they are worth. A clear and comprehensive international distribution agreement is necessary to protect companies and avoid potential disputes with foreign distributors.

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International Licensing

When a company wishes to grant foreign partners the right to produce or market its products in a foreign country, an international license agreement is critical to controlling the foreign licensee’s actions and protecting their own intellectual property.

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Global E-Commerce

Once a website is launched or mobile application is uploaded to an app store it becomes available to the global marketplace. As such, companies operating online need to address the issues presented by international ecommerce transactions.

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International Investment

Often a company will decide to broaden its international presence by either launching a subsidiary in a foreign county or by acquiring an existing foreign enterprise. This foreign direct investment has a range of benefits and risks, and our international business attorneys can help identify and manage the risks implicated by foreign direct investment.

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International Development Agreements

Software and product development is a truly global industry. Having a solid international development agreement is important to protecting intellectual property and avoiding future conflicts with developers, and our international business attorneys have the experience to help negotiate an effective international development agreement.

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International Technology Transactions

Technology is mercurial by nature, which means it is easily transferred, licensed and sold worldwide. But the unique character of technology also creates a range of risks that require experienced technology counsel to adequately identify and address.

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International Trade Law

Both U.S. and foreign national governments have an interest in regulating international payments, collecting customs duties, and overseeing transfers of sensitive technology. Our international trade team members help clients navigate a range of domestic and foreign international trade laws.

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International Intellectual Property Protection & Enforcement

Protecting intellectual property in the U.S. is important, but in a global marketplace, companies need to look beyond our borders to ensure their intellectual property rights are protected in key foreign markets.

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International Arbitration and Litigation

Contracts and intellectual property registrations are useless without the ability and will to enforce them, and international transactions create unique issues regarding enforcement and dispute resolution involving foreign vendors, partners, and customers.

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