Business Litigation and Complex Commercial Disputes

We are business trial lawyers comfortable before a jury as well as in the boardroom. We are also skilled advocates in pre-trial settlement negotiations as well as in arbitration and mediation. We have earned the trust of Fortune 500 companies, mid-market businesses, and individual clients. Our lawyers and other professionals provide value to our clients through innovative approaches to resolving lawsuits, tenacity, and reliable advice.

Industry-Focused Business Litigation Solutions

While we provide commercial litigation solutions to a wide range of industries, we have significant experience helping clients in the retail, technology, sporting goods/outdoor goods, fashion, ecommerce, health technology, energy, consumer products, telecommunications, and software industries.

See our Solutions page for more information on the business litigation industry solutions we provide as well as case studies.  

Business Litigation Services and Solutions

Our business litigation clients receive the full range of the firm’s services: litigation, intellectual property, transactional, and international law. 

Our business litigation trial team handles a broad range of business disputes and commercial litigation, including:

Local Counsel for Business Litigation

We also act as local counsel to out-of-state plaintiffs and defendants involved in business and complex commercial litigation lawsuits filed in state and federal courts in Texas.

See our local counsel litigation page for more details, including pro hac vice admission requirements for Texas federal courts, the Texas Lawyer's Creed, and additional information about Texas business and commercial litigation.

If you have a patent case in the Eastern District of Texas or the Northern District of Texas, see our white papers Eastern District Texas Patent Rules: Diagram & Checklist and Texas Patent Rules Northern District: Diagram & Checklist for more detail on Texas Local Patent Rules as well as a diagram of each set of rules and a downloadable checklist.  For the local patent rules, see the following pages - Eastern District of Texas Local Patent RulesNorthern District of Texas Local Patent Rules, and Southern District of Texas Local Patent Rules.  

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Additional Information on Our Business Litigation Services

Commercial and Business Litigation

Commercial and business litigation can arise in numerous scenarios, involving a myriad of different types of legal issues. Our commercial litigation attorneys are experienced representing plaintiffs as well as defendants in federal and state courts. The following are examples of business litigation services we handle.

Fraud Litigation

Fraud can occur in a variety of contexts. For example, business fraud, business relationships, contracts, employee fraud, fraud in purchasing or sale of goods or services, etc. Our fraud attorneys are experienced in a wide range of business fraud issues and have successfully prosecuted as well as defended business litigation cases.

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Breach of Fiduciary Duty Litigation

Texas law recognizes that fiduciary duties can arise in many contexts, including principal/agent, employer/employee, partnerships, and business associates. Therefore, breach of fiduciary duty litigation commonly includes claims for fraud and other business torts too. Our business litigation lawyers can advise on fiduciary duty legal issues and handle breach of fiduciary duty litigation cases.

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Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a broad category of litigation that encompasses all types of business disputes. Additionally, commercial disputes often arise within the context of commerce and can be among businesses as well as individuals. We represent clients in commercial litigation cases throughout the United States.

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Non-Compete Litigation

Non-compete agreements can include a variety of covenants, from not soliciting business from a former employer’s customers as well as not disclosing confidential information. Upon breach of such agreements, non-compete business litigation can arise.

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Breach of Contract Litigation

Contracts take a myriad of different forms, from internal employment to B2B complex commercial agreements. Therefore, handling breach of contract litigation cases requires attorneys with knowledge in the specific industry and type of breach involved. Our business attorneys negotiate contracts and commercial agreements as well as handle all aspects of breach of contract litigation.

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Insurance Coverage Disputes Litigation

Disputes regarding insurance coverage often arise when an insured seeks coverage from a provider. Understanding your insurance policies and the true coverage provided under specific circumstances can be daunting to decipher. Attorneys with an understanding of and experience handling insurance coverage disputes can help businesses in dispute with a third party an/or the insurance provider.   

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Local Counsel for Business Litigation Matters

We also act as local counsel to out-of-state plaintiffs and defendants involved in business litigation in federal and state courts in Texas. See our local counsel litigation page for more details