Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

Brand owners spend significant effort and expense building recognizable marks and brands as well as creating high-quality goods. The better a product becomes and the more well-known to consumers, the greater chance of knock-offs becoming an issue. In efforts to combat revenue loss and potential for brand tarnishment, brand owners seek effective and efficient anti-counterfeiting solutions.

Our intellectual property (IP) enforcement lawyers advise clients on solving counterfeiting, piracy, and infringement problems that plague US companies and brand owners.

Results-Based Billing Model for Anti-Counterfeiting Programs

Due to the unique nature of counterfeiting, we have developed comprehensive anti-counterfeiting enforcement solutions through customized proactive programs based on alternative billing models beyond the billable hour. While we still provide services based on hourly billing, we have found that hybrid and success fee arrangements tend to promote better aligned interested between the firm and our clients. We are open to considering any pricing model, including flat fee retainer arrangements for our anti-counterfeiting programs.

Industry-Focused Anti-Counterfeiting and IP Portfolio Enforcement Programs

While we provide IP enforcement solutions to a wide range of industries, we have significant experience helping clients in the retail, technology, sporting goods/outdoor goods, fashion, luxury brands, ecommerce, consumer products, and software industries. See our Solutions page for more information on the patent industry solutions we provide as well as case studies.  

Anti-Counterfeiting Services and Infringement Solutions

Our anti-counterfeiting clients receive the full range of the firm’s services: litigation, intellectual property, transactional, and international law. 

Our anti-counterfeiting team of lawyers and other professionals provide IP enforcement services to address broad range of issues, including:

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Additional Information About our Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions Legal Services

Online Brand Protection

The need for vigilant online brand protection is ever increasing. This is due to the growing online seller platforms providing easy methods to market and sell. As such, creating good breeding grounds for counterfeiters hoping to make a quick buck off unsuspecting consumers. Therefore, programs for anti-counterfeiting solutions should be robust enough to get results, yet tailored to meet business priorities and fit budgetary needs.

Intellectual property attorneys can assist with creation of custom online brand protection programs to fit your specific online brand protection needs.

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Trademark Counterfeiting Enforcement

Building trademark portfolios, especially worldwide, can be extremely expensive and become valuable business assets. Therefore, protection of trademarks and brand names is important in maintaining a high level of consumer trust and goodwill built around the marks. Trademark counterfeiting enforcement programs should work to protect a brand as well as help prevent misuse.

Our trademark attorneys help clients develop strategies and implement programs for trademark counterfeiting enforcement as part of our anti-counterfeiting solutions legal services.

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Software Counterfeiting Enforcement

Software companies lose tons of revenue each year due to counterfeit software sales. Therefore, software rights holders rely on software counterfeiting enforcement and protection programs to protect their brands and help prevent piracy.

Our attorneys work closely with software companies to develop effective software counterfeiting enforcement and misappropriation programs. We offer custom tailored services, as part of our anti-counterfeiting solutions legal services.

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Copyright Counterfeiting Enforcement

Copyright registration is just one step in protecting creative works from duplication and piracy. So, copyright owners should implement copyright counterfeiting protection and enforcement programs to protect against copyright misappropriation.

Our Copyright attorneys help create effective anti-counterfeiting solutions for enforcement and protection of copyrights.

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Online Seller Enforcement

Companies utilizing resellers for expanding distribution have an added layer of caution in enforcing intellectual property rights. For example, monitoring of both reseller activities and unauthorized sellers becomes necessary in addition to counterfeit infringement.

As an extension to our anti-counterfeiting solutions services, we offer online seller enforcement strategies and proactive measures.

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Luxury Brand Protection

Brand owners invest significant money and effort to create unique, high quality products. Therefore, protection from counterfeiting offenders is detrimental in maintaining business goodwill and the reputation of goods as high-end luxury product.

Our IP attorneys help clients discover appropriate anti-counterfeiting solutions for luxury brand protection.

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Gray Market Goods Enforcement

Companies selling product worldwide often have manufacturing facilities in various countries, for sale at different price points. This attracts unrelated third parties seeking to profit unfairly into dealing in gray market goods. Therefore, brand owners seek solutions to gray market goods enforcement against infringers.

To help prevent gray market sales, we help with monitoring of reseller activities, as well as identification of unauthorized sellers, C&Ds and take-downs. Our attorneys also review and draft agreements for use with manufacturers, resellers, and distributors.

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Customs Border Protection

Importation of counterfeit and pirated product is often found through inspection at Customs Border Protection (CBP). Our intellectual property attorneys assist with obtaining the most of CBP through registration and creation of product guides as well as training guidelines.

Taking advantage of the options available with Customs Border Protection can enhance other efforts taken as anti-counterfeiting solutions.

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