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Our firm values the unique contributions each professional brings to the workplace.  We staff teams and projects according to strengths and we employ a “right person, right seat” approach to ensure that each team member is the best fit for the role they are in.  We use several operational tools in order to achieve this.

 For attorneys, we acknowledge the value of traditional law firm skill sets such as origination and personal billings, but we also value skills such as relationship management and project management.  As attorneys develop their careers at our firm and begin to assess their strengths and passions, they are able to tailor their long-term career path to align with the activities that fit them best. 

If you’re interested in joining our team, please visit our job opportunities page for a list of open positions..

We're passionate about being a values-based business. But don't just take our word for it. Hear it from our team: 

It is a true pleasure to work with a group of people who share such a passion for what they do. The teamwork and positive attitudes that we have provide for a fun and exciting work environment that make you want to go to work each day. The firm is a strong supporter of “right person in the right seat” and it has proven to create an efficient and effective workplace.
Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor said, “We don’t accomplish anything in this world alone...and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one’s life and all the weavings of individual threads from one to another that creates something.’ I believe this quote reflects the kind of firm culture that we have worked to build. We all have different backgrounds, different strengths, but we all have come to this place to work together and function as a community to achieve common goals and create
ultimate success for the firm. I am proud to be a part of such a place.
— Kirby Drake, partner
I love knowing that every day when I come to work I will be appreciated for what I do. My company goes out of its way to recognize its people for their hard work. That fact alone makes me want to go above and beyond every day.
— Anonymous Quote from our Employee Engagement Survey

Hear more from our employees

Providing great service means listening to the client, giving advice when called upon to do so, anticipating the needs of the client, and responding to the needs of the client in a timely, efficient, yet thorough manner.
— Kirby Drake, partner
The people running the organization are committed to improvement rather than just paying lip service to the idea. The work environment has significantly less negativity than what I have found at other firms.
— Anonymous quote from our employee engagement survey
I love that I am excited to come to work everyday - it is so wonderful to work in an environment where everyone is truly devoted to doing their very best each and every day.
— Amber Dassinger, administrative assistant
I am constantly raving about our company to others. It is a great place to work, where people are valued and rewarded. They care not only for the employees, but the clients as well.
— Anonymous quote from our employee engagement survey
Courage means doing what needs to be done, or saying what needs to be said, even in the toughest of situations. Courage is holding each other accountable and speaking up when we aren’t living out the established core values of the firm. Courage is also about admitting mistakes.
— Chelsea Green, chief operating officer
In addition to being deeply committed to our clients and their needs, we are also deeply committed to one another as co-workers and teammates.
— Mandi Phillips, senior attorney
Klemchuk LLP is a great place to work and a law firm that is respected by the legal community and community at-large.
— Anonymous quote from our employee engagement survey
With great passion and excitement for navigating the law, we are committed to ensuring each and every client receives great service and our best legal advice
— Tiffany Johnson, associate
A deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and goals allows us to better collaborate with clients to provide unique, innovative solutions and results.
— Roxanne Edwards, principal
Our honesty and integrity allow our clients to have peace of mind, as well as great satisfaction, in knowing their legal needs will be met.
— Tiffany Johnson, associate
This is the best job I’ve ever had. I honestly love it here and have a strong desire to see the firm grow and succeed.
— Anonymous quote from our employee engagement survey

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