As part of our Software & Copyrights practice, we provide software-related services.

Software Related Services

Many aspects of computer software can be protected through copyrights and patents. For example: code, websites, and software-related objects, such as icons and graphical user interfaces are protectable. Our IP attorneys help enhance the value and competitive advantage associated with our client's software rights through various software related services. We develop software protection and enforcement programs as well as counsel on best practices for protection and development of software rights.

Protection for Software Intellectual Property Rights

We provide software related services and assist clients in growing their software rights and businesses. Our software related services include, for example:

  • Counseling on software related rights and protections

  • Registration of software copyrights

  • Registration of software patents

  • Software licensing and software agreements

  • Enforcement and monitoring programs

  • Review of contacts and agreements involving software rights

  • Software indemnity

  • Review and drafting of software development agreements

  • Software litigation

Reasons for Registering Software Rights

Copyright registration of software is likely required in order to file a lawsuit in U.S. courts. Further, the ability to recover statutory damages and attorneys’ fees depends on the timing of registration.

A software patent may be necessary to protect novel as well as useful methods and processes incorporated into software. Software patents provide the owner with protection to stop others from making, using, offering for sale, and selling the patented software or method.

Our intellectual property attorneys understand the legal issues that arise surrounding software rights. Therefore, we offer software related services to ensure protection of software rights from inception to business growth through licensing and enforcement. We also handle software litigation prosecution and defense.

Software Services: Licensing Opportunities

A software license agreement may also be utilized to protect the value of software in ways that complement copyright or patent rights. Licensing is also a method of monetizing software rights and as well as business expansion.

Our attorneys provide guidance on software related legal issues and provide support in protection and enforcement of those rights.

Additional Insights Regarding Software Legal Issues

For more information on software legal issues and copyright law, see our Legal Insights and Industry Solutions pages.