Millennial Friendly Law Firm

Our firm is excited about the wave of millennials in the workplace today.  We love their sense of purpose, energy, and passion for innovation.  We even have millennials holding top leadership positions at our firm to help promote and preserve our unique culture. 

Here are some ways we’ve created a millennial-friendly law firm environment:

  • Flexible schedules and work environment including remote attorneys and professionals.

  • No PTO policy. We did away with our PTO policy years ago. Our team members are professionals and we treat them as such.

  • Work hard and play hard. We work hard at the office but we also have lives outside of it.

  • Community involvement. We encourage our team members to be involved in the community and we support their efforts however possible.

  • Continuous learning opportunities for all professionals.

  • Commitment to providing real-time employee feedback. We endeavor to provide real-time feedback on assignments and projects and each team member checks in at least quarterly with their manager for a two-way dialogue on career development and growth opportunities.

  • We offer non-traditional career paths and compensation. We understand that each professional brings value in different ways and we tailor our attorneys’ compensation to align with their strengths

  • We offer alternative fee arrangements to our clients outside of the traditional billable hour. This allows our professionals to be more creative and to tailor solutions to best fit our clients’ needs.

  • Team member rewards and recognition program. Team members are encouraged to nominate each other for values awards when they see someone going above and beyond exhibiting our core values.


If you’re a legal professional interested in learning more about our millennial-friendly law firm, please visit our careers page for more information. 


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