As part of our International Business practice, we provide international business transactions services.

International Business Transactions

Today’s global marketplace offers a plethora of opportunities but can also introduce significant challenges and risks. An international business lawyer can help companies in identifying and managing these risks.

Specialized skills are needed to negotiate international business transactions. Expertise in both intellectual property and commercial law is required, as well as business acumen and knowledge of industry best practices. Because international business transactions involve additional risks, companies should work closely with an experienced international business lawyer to protect their interests.

Each international business lawyer on our international business transactions team is focused on helping clients exploit international business opportunities while still managing manage risks.

Types of International Business Transactions

There are a number of types of International business transactions, such as international technology transactions, development agreements, joint ventures, software reseller and distribution agreements.

International Contracts and Agreements

Regardless of the type of international business transaction involved, a clear and comprehensive international contract is critical to protect the rights of the contracting parties and establishing each party’s rights and obligations.

Although every international contact is unique, our international business lawyers have been involved in hundreds of international contract negotiations and can leverage our experience to help ensure our clients can build strong relationships with their foreign partners and meet their international business objectives.

Our International Business Transactions Experience

An international business lawyer should offer an efficient, practical, and results-oriented approach to technology transactions, including:

  • Clear and concise written agreements

  • Useful and comprehensive legal advice

  • Strategic counseling in risk assessment, development of business and licensing models, and protection of intellectual property and technology assets

  • Effective and cogent negotiating, with an understanding of industry practices, common pitfalls, and creative solutions

Our international business transactions attorneys have the experience and skill to ensure that clients can expand their operations globally with confidence.

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