Corporate governance generally refers to the mechanisms, processes, and relations by which businesses are controlled and directed. Due to wide variance in states and countries, the laws and regulations that address corporate governance can be complex and confusing. Similarly, governance structures and principles often differ from company to company based ownership or industry circumstances. The distribution of rights and responsibilities often vary among the different roles in the corporation. As such, the rules and procedures that govern how a corporation reacts or proceeds should be drafted to specifically suit that particular company’s needs.

The legal framework that addresses corporate governance permeates several aspects of a corporation’s daily business and, ideally, should shape how a corporation’s objectives are to be met in the context of the social, regulatory and market environment. Moreover, with the occurrence of several high-profile fraud cases in recent years, both public and political interest has grown considerably when it comes to governing business and the associated interests, domestically and globally.

Our firm’s experience in business and corporate law allows us to offer corporate governance and counseling services that advises businesses on best corporate practices. We counsel company owners, executives, boards of directors, officers and other officials on internal controls, reporting structure, indemnification, risk management, litigation management, and dispute resolution.

Corporate Best Practices

We provide advice on many areas such as company-wide risk management, executive compensation packages, and senior executive succession planning. More broadly, we help ensure our clients conform to the constantly evolving government standards and industry practices. For certain companies, we ensure good corporate governance through compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations. Our attorneys also help advise on conflict-of-interest management and potential breaches of fiduciary duty. Finally, we consult with clients to help develop internal codes of procedure and statements of beliefs.

Litigation Management

Business litigation is a document-intensive, detail-oriented process. Within our corporate counseling practice, therefore, we also offer litigation management services. As the discovery process begins, we may help clients set up a document intake and storage system to conduct quick and efficient reviews. We also have the capability to help organize and store different types of evidence. Finally, we assist in trial preparation in the weeks leading up to the trial date.

As a corporate and commercial law firm our corporate and commercial attorneys can assist with advising on mergers and acquisitions legal issues. See our Corporate & Commercial service line page  for additional information about mergers and acquisitions legal services.