As part of our Software & Copyrights practice, we provide copyright licensing services.

Copyright Licensing

Copyrights take on a variety of forms, including literary works, musical works, and graphic works. Copyrights also grant the copyright holder a bundle of rights, including rights to produce, distribute, or sell the work. When a copyright holder gives use of these rights to another, they are granting copyright licensing rights to the user.

Copyright License Agreements

A copyright owner typically will not want to give a user full authority or free rein use of the copyright. Therefore, copyright license agreements provide specifics on how the copyrighted work can be used within limits. These agreements grant the end-user certain rights to use the copyright as well as define the outer limits of that use. For example, a copyright license may allow end-users to back-up the copyrighted work on their computer, but not to distribute it.

Our copyright attorneys handle the negotiation and drafting of complex license agreements involving third party use of copyrights, such as:

  • Software and Gaming Works

  • Drawings, Paintings, and Photos

  • Architectural Designs, 3-D Objects, and Sculptures

  • Books and other Literary Works

  • Movies, Music, and Other Sound Recording

Importance of License Agreements

Licensing can be an effective strategy in monetizing software and other copyrightable material. It provides a method of growing business as well as generating additional revenue streams. Often, copyright owners may not put protections in place before entering into business agreements involving copyrights. Additionally, many owners agree to use of blanket agreements or form licenses provided by a third party to the agreement. Such practices can get a copyright owner in trouble with proving ownership rights. Therefore, one should seek the advice of knowledgeable IP attorneys with experience in licensing as well as understanding of copyright laws.

Additional Insights Regarding Copyright Licensing

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