As part of our Trademark practice, we provide trademark registration & maintenance services.

A company’s trademarks are the DNA that makes up its identity and sets it apart from the competition. As such, proper protection of a company’s trademarks requires focused and proactive measures. Trademark registration is an integral part of such measures. However, the trademark registration process can be extensive and complex. Even after registration, issues of continued proper use, maintenance and enforcement are necessary.

We counsel startup businesses on trademark registration and protection of a new brand, as well as help established multi-brand corporations launching new trademark initiatives.

Our Trademark Registration Services

We offer complete trademark prosecution and trademark registration services to ensure your trademarks are protected. We find creative trademark registration strategies to best protect and enhance the value of your trademark portfolio and business.

Our trademark attorneys provide consultation in all stages of the trademark process as well as protection after registration, including for example:

  • Trademark Search for use and registration availability

  • Trademark Clearance for new product or service launching

  • Application Drafting and Prosecution

  • Branding Assistance

  • Trademark Maintenance and Use Strategies

  • Enforcement and Protection

  • Trademark Litigation as well as TM Opposition and Cancellation with TTAB

We keep your business interests top of mind in advising on trademark registration strategies.

Trademark Application and Prosecution for Registration

Our trademark services begin at the inception of a trademark idea. Of greatest importance, we consider our client's business goals in advising on trademark protection. The evaluation of your business strategy, budget, channels of trade, and product life cycle are important. We use this information to balance business risks and costs with benefits of registration and scope of protection available for a mark. The key to successful trademark strategy includes assessing availability, risk of adoption, as well as enforceability of a mark.

First, we perform a trademark search to help determine availability for use and registration. The search lets us find potential third party use that could be a problem to either common law use or federal registration. Secondly, we advise on the potential for success in use and/or registration so you can decide whether pursuing a trademark is in your best business interest. We provide an idea of what to expect in the prosecution stage with the trademark examination process. So, this keeps the surprises to a minimum so you can have realistic expectations on challenges and cost.

We have experience with arguing against Trademark Examiner office action objections as well as handling third-party oppositions. Additionally, once trademark registration is obtained, we advise on proper continued use and maintenance of your mark as well as options for enforcement and protection.

Maintenance of Trademark Registrations

Our trademark services do not end when the registration process is completed. Trademarks, like any type of intellectual property, require consistent attention. We provide registration maintenance and renewal services for domestic and international trademark portfolios. Additionally, we offer proactive monitoring of your key marks in the US and worldwide to help prevent third party trademark infringement.

Additional Insights Regarding Trademark Registration Legal Issues

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