A company’s trademarks are the DNA that makes up its identity and sets it apart from the competition. As such, proper protection of a company’s trademarks requires focused and proactive measures. Trademark registration is an integral part of such measures. However, the trademark registration process can be extensive and complex, and it requires attention even after the initial trademark registration.

We offer complete trademark prosecution and trademark registration services to ensure that trademarks are protected. We look for creative trademark registration strategies and solutions to protect, preserve, and enhance the value of our clients’ trademark portfolios and business.

Trademark Application and Prosecution

Our trademark services begin at the inception of a trademark. We consider our client’s business strategy, budget, channels of trade, and product life cycle to balance the business risks and costs with the benefits of registration and scope of protection available for a particular mark. Assessing the availability and risk of adoption, as well as registrability and enforceability, of each mark is key to developing a successful branding and trademark management program.

After clearance of a proposed mark, we develop a sound strategy for filing trademark applications that will minimize the risks associated with prosecution of the applications while ensuring the broadest protection of the trademarks.

Trademark Maintenance

Our trademark prosecution services do not end when the registration process is completed. Trademarks, like any type of intellectual property, require consistent attention. We provide full registration maintenance and renewal services for domestic and international trademarks. We proactively monitor the company’s trademark portfolio and handle the filing of required documents throughout the life of each mark.

Trademark Registration and Protection

Whether a business is a startup requiring protection of a new brand or trademark, or a multi-brand corporation launching a new initiative, we can develop and implement a comprehensive trademark registration strategy that fits the company’s needs and objectives. We work to learn the business and marketing objectives and carefully guide our clients through the trademark selection and registration process and beyond, to help ensure continued protection of valuable trademarks and brands.

As a trademark law firm, our trademark attorneys can assist with advising on trademark registration and maintenance legal issues. See our Trademarks service line page for additional information about trademark registration and maintenance legal services.