Trademarks are words, designs, or combinations that have received federal or state protection. Trademarks are used to identify a particular source of goods or services. As with other types of intellectual property, it may be important to file for the right protection from the beginning to protect a trademark in the event of litigation.

As part of our litigation practice, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants in trademark litigation, trademark enforcement, and trademark protection. We have experience in state court and federal courts in Texas and nationally. We also handle administrative disputes before the U.S. Trademark Office Trial and Appeal Board.

Trademark Protection

As a company, it may be important to take steps to protect the trademark and the goodwill associated with it. Once a trademark issues, a company needs to be diligent to protect its rights, through monitoring for potential infringement and addressing trademark disputes. Sometimes trademark disputes result in litigation. It is important to consider the goals, potential outcomes, and any possible consequences when determining the best approach for the business.

Trademark Counterfeiting

Trademark counterfeiting occurs when a third party manufactures or sells goods, generally of an inferior quality. The third party then “passes off” the goods as someone else’s through the improper use of a recognizable trademark. When someone sells lesser-quality goods without permission, it can damage the trademark owner’s reputation. To protect from trademark counterfeiting, the necessary actions need to be taken against third parties using a trademark without permission.

As an IP and business litigation law firm, our trademark litigation attorneys can assist with advising on trademark litigation legal issues. See our IP and Business Litigation service line page for additional information about trademark litigation legal services.

Local Counsel for Trademark Litigation Matters

We also act as local counsel to out-of-state plaintiffs and defendants involved in trademark litigation filed in federal and state courts in Texas. See our local counsel litigation page for more details.