As part of our internet law & e-commerce practice, we provide social media law services.

Social media law is a relatively new branch of intellectual property (IP) law. Companies are often expected to maintain some sort of web presence. However, companies must be mindful of legal issues surrounding use of social media accounts for business. Companies are often unaware of the legal dangers and risks they may encounter as well as the potential consequences of their Internet actions. We provide social media consultation to help limit liability and avoid claims of infringement, brand confusion, or brand disparagement.

Social Media Law Compliance

Under certain circumstances, tweets or updates to social media feeds can result in legal action. Freedom of speech only extends so far in protecting companies from claims of brand disparagement. Similarly, re-sharing content from other users can raise issues of infringement or plagiarism. To avoid social media legal issues, companies benefit from simple branding and social media guidelines. We assist companies in educating employees and marketing in fair use of intellectual property assets as well as prohibited use. We also advise on best practices for compliance with social media law.

Online Trademark Management

We advise companies on how to properly maintain their online reputations via social media and when to pursue legal recourse. Whether a company should pursue litigation or a simple cease-and-desist may depend on its overall legal strategy. We work with clients on policing their brands while still encouraging public discourse on their social media feeds. Companies must often walk the fine line between free speech and savvy branding messages for compliance with social media law. As such, we can help strike the right balance between social media control and free speech.

Online Reputation Management

Today, use of brand names and images by third parties is rampant. We help find cost-efficient strategies that curb unauthorized third-party use. We assist on streamlining and protecting online messages while complying with existing rules and regulations of social media law.

Social Media Disputes and Litigation

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Additional Insights Regarding Social Media Law

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