Service Goals

Our goal is to provide unexpectedly great service.  We have a “No Surprises” aspiration, which means our clients should not be surprised about billing, timing, and results.  To achieve this, we have identified 6 primary service goals.  While we cannot always achieve these goals, we challenge ourselves in these areas.  If you do not believe that we have met these goals or have any concerns, please contact your relationship manager or the Managing Partner of the Firm. 

Be Responsive

We will endeavor to return every client communication on the same day.  While we may not be able to provide a substantive response every time, we will at least acknowledge the communication and set a response time. 

Provide Timely, Effective Communication

We will endeavor to inform you of all third-party communications received within two business days or less, and will provide you with periodic project updates in the manner and at the time intervals you request.   

Deliver Common Sense Billing

We will endeavor to send you monthly invoices no later than the 15th of the month.  For hourly billing matters, the invoices will include detailed time entries at .1-hour units and identify the services performed and the value provided. You will never receive an invoice for routine copy charges, faxes, postage, and electronic research.  You will also never see an entry for “overtime air conditioning,” “working meals” for staff staying late, or secretarial “overtime” charged by some firms.   

Engage in Expectation Management

Each team member is responsible for maintaining realistic client expectations regarding billing, timing, and results such that there should be no surprises in the engagement.  We assign a relationship manager to each client and a project manager to each matter to enhance your experience with us.         

Avoid Last-Minute Requests

While this cannot always be avoided due to the dynamic nature of law, we will endeavor to plan workflow to avoid as much as possible requesting last-minute reviews and approvals that conflict with your busy schedule. 

Uphold our Belief that the Relationship is Everything

We take a long view of client relationships, and enjoy working with clients that value great service.  This strategy allows both sides to invest in the relationship, which we believe creates a better experience for everyone over time.