Client Satisfaction Factors

Over many years of providing legal services, including representing thousands of clients, we have found a few common factors that significantly enhance client satisfaction.  These factors lead to long-term relationships and mutually positive experiences.  Here is a short summary:

Tell Us Everything, Early

Clients that share everything – the good and the bad – early and accurately enhance our problem-solving abilities. Upfront disclosure also leads to lower representation costs. 

Communication Reduces Costs

We have found that prolonged delays in communications and decision making increase the costs of representation, lead to client frustration, and delay resolution of the matter. We wish to accommodate your preferred communication/decision-making style – whether it is detailed email communications, phone conferences, or in-person meetings.  Just let us know which is your preferred style.

Share Disappointments or Opportunities for Improvement

One of our biggest service goals is that you should have no surprises regarding timing, cost, and results.  If we fall short in any respect, please let your relationship manager know your concerns as soon as possible.  These conversations help us improve our service delivery.  If you do not feel comfortable discussing these issues with the relationship manager or project team, please contact our COO, Chelsea Green.  Also, we enjoy positive feedback regarding our professionals and consider it in setting their compensation, so please share that as well.

Discuss Any Disagreements about Strategy

Occasionally, our strategy to handle a matter may evolve over the course of representation as new facts are discovered. If you feel we are not aligned on representation strategy, please raise that issue as soon as possible. 

Communicate Billing/Payment Issues

If there is an issue with a particular invoice or if there is a problem with ability to pay the invoice, please let us know as soon as possible.  Payment issues, of any type, that linger can cause relationship tension, and we have found many payment issues can be worked out in a simple phone call.