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In addition to our Intellectual Property Quick Reference Guide and our Intellectual Property Trends and Legal Insights blogs, we offer the following legal FAQs on intellectual property, litigation, transactional, and international business law.

Intellectual Property Law

Read our Intellectual Property Law Overview

What are the differences between intellectual property?

What services does an intellectual property lawyer provide?

What are the basics of intellectual property law?

What is intellectual property due diligence?


What services does a patent lawyer provide?

What are patent attorney qualifications?

What are the basics of patent law?

What is an inter partes review proceeding?


What services does a copyright lawyer provide?

What are the basics of copyright law?


Read our Trademark Law Overview

What are trademark management tips?

How are brands protected globally?

How can trademark registration grow a brand?

What is the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)?

What are the basics of trademark law?

What is a trademark registration?

What are common trademark registration mistakes?

How to draft trademark licensing agreements?

Trade Secrets

What are the basics of trade secret law?

What is the Defend Trade Secrets Act?

Domain Names

What is domain hijacking and how can domain theft be stopped?

What are the steps to acquire a domain name?

How can domain name disputes be resolved through a URDP?

What are domain listings and how do TLDs work?

What is Domain Squatting and How to Stop It?

What is domain name theft?

Intellectual Property Litigation/Business Litigation

Read our Intellectual Property Litigation Overview

Read our Business Litigation Law Overview

What is intellectual property theft?

Patent Litigation

What are the local patent rules for the Northern District of Texas?

What are the local patent rules for the Eastern District of Texas?

What are the local patent rules for the Western District of Texas?

What are the local patent rules for the Southern District of Texas?

Trademark Litigation

What are trademark infringement damages?

What are trademark counterfeiting damages?

Copyright Litigation

What are copyright infringement damages?

What are copyright counterfeiting damages?

Transactional Law

Read our Transactional Law Overview

What are the basics of a master service agreement?

What contract law damages?

What is a master service agreement template?

What is a Fractional General Counsel?

What is a non-compete agreement?

International Business Law

Read our International Business Law Overview

What are the intellectual property law differences between U.S. IP law and foreign IP law?

Internet & E-Commerce Law

What are DMCA compliance requirements?

What are the basics of the DMCA?

What are legal requirements for online sweepstakes, online games, and online contests?

What is online impersonation and username squatting?

What are top legal issues for online businesses?

What are top internet law issues?

What are current information privacy issues?

What are legal issues affecting online businesses?

What is the California Consumer Protection Act CCPA?


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