Intellectual Property Law Counseling - What services are provided by an IP lawyer?

What Services Can Intellectual Property Lawyers Assist Me With?

Many companies, inventors, entrepreneurs, and the general public often underestimate the need for attorneys and legal counsel.  Intellectual property lawyers have a wide variety of experience to draw from when it comes to giving legal advice, and the general public often does not understand the full scope of issues that intellectual property lawyers handle. 

Patent Protection

Patent protection is one of the most important and common ways an intellectual property lawyer can assist you.  Patent applications can be extremely time-consuming to draft, and the language used to write patent applications can be archaic and confusing.  Intellectual property lawyers may draft the application for you, create the necessary drawings and forms, and help ensure that you meet all the necessary deadlines to maintain your patent.  If you should become involved in patent litigation or other third-party claims, intellectual property lawyers can represent you before the court or before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

Trademark Registration

Registering a trademark can be a daunting task.  It is much easier to hire an experienced intellectual property lawyer who has experience in trademark law, because the trademark registration process can be time-consuming and confusing.  Intellectual property lawyers can advise you as to what trademark registries you should register your trademark with and assist you by conducting trademark searches for you as well.  Trademark searches help to identify any third party use that could bar your use and/or crate issues for you in the future. An intellectual property lawyer can also assist you or represent you before the court should you become embroiled in trademark litigation or a hearing before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Copyright Infringement

An intellectual property lawyer will also have experience in copyright law.  Copyright law has become increasingly important in today’s day and age of rampant social media sharing and viral content.  If you create original content that is later being improperly hosted or shared, an intellectual property lawyer can assist you in the takedown of that content.  Similarly, if a third party accuses you of improperly using or infringing upon their copyright, an intellectual property lawyer can help defend you against those claims.  If a copyright infringement lawsuit should proceed to court, an intellectual property lawyer can represent you and defend your rights. 

Other Services Typically Provided by an Intellectual Property Lawyer

In addition to copyright registration and protection, an intellectual property lawyer will often advise clients regarding the following issues:

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