Trademark Registration Can Help You Grow Your Brand and Company

Many brand owners, entrepreneurs, and company executives underestimate the value of registering a trademark. Trademarks can play an important role in growing your brand or company because they can serve as a brand identifier. Trademarks may be words, symbols, designs, or a combination of each that can be registered with state or federal governments in order to prevent other companies or third parties from using your trademark. For consumers and clients, trademarks can help signal that you are a provider of particular goods or services.

Trademarks used to identify services can also be referred to as service marks. A trademark owner can be an individual, company, or any other legitimate business entity. Once you decide on your trademark, you can use it on any marketing materials that you use in connection with your brand or company. Trademarks are often seen on everything from pencil cases, websites, to even entire walls of company buildings.

Trademark Registration

Although registering a trademark is not mandatory, there are several reasons to do so. Registering a trademark provides nationwide notice of a claim to ownership of the mark. It also grants the owner the right to use the mark in connection with the goods or services listed in the registration.

Registering a Trademark

Although you can register a trademark by yourself, it is more advisable that you enlist the services of a trademark attorney when registering a trademark. If the trademark office finds fault with your application, trademark attorneys can often draft arguments in support of your use of the mark. They can also advise you of any potential conflicts with the mark or help you shape your mark so that it is more acceptable for registration.

Trademark Application

Trademark applications can be submitted via mail or electronically. States vary in terms of what they may accept or require in their applications. The federal government accepts both mail applications and electronic applications. There are accompanying fees to be paid in order to register a mark and applications require a number of steps before approval.

Trademark Attorney

A trademark attorney has expertise and experience in filing trademark applications. This allows them to draft trademark applications that can be associated with a broader range of goods and services. Generally, it is better to have a broader range of goods and services listed in your registration so that your trademark may enjoy expanded protection when used. Be aware, however, that you will be required to demonstrate that your trademark is actually being used in conjunction with whatever goods or services you have listed.

Trademark Maintenance

Once you register a trademark with a state or federal registry, you will be required to pay maintenance fees and comply with certain requirements necessary to maintain the protection of your mark. If you hire a trademark attorney, they can send you reminders of these requirements and help facilitate the process in order to keep your trademark active.

Trademark Legal Services

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