Business fraud can occur when there is a deception or misrepresentation, either through something that is said or something that is omitted. Fraud can occur in a variety of contexts, from business relationships to contracts to purchasing goods or services.

As part of our litigation practice, we represent plaintiffs and defendants in fraud litigation and disputes in federal and state courts throughout the country.

Fraud Lawsuits

Fraud lawsuits can encompass a number of legal issues and claims, including:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Fraudulent Inducement
  • Misrepresentation, Omission, and Non-Disclosure
  • Fraudulent Concealment
  • Tortious Interference
  • Fraud by Business Partner

Business Fraud Litigation

Allegations of business fraud are serious. Business fraud litigation can result in monetary damages, injunctive relief, potential disgorgement, and damage to a business’ reputation. It is important to consult with an attorney early in the case so that it is handled properly from the beginning.

As an IP and business litigation law firm, our fraud litigation lawyers can assist with advising on fraud litigation legal issues. See our IP and Business Litigation service line page for additional information about fraud litigation legal services.

Local Counsel for Fraud Litigation Matters

We also act as local counsel to out-of-state plaintiffs and defendants involved in fraud litigation filed in federal and state courts in Texas. See our local counsel litigation page for more details.