Fintech and Conversations with Innovators

DALLAS – Klemchuk LLP, a leading intellectual property (IP), litigation, and business law firm, highlights the Fintech industry in Conversations with Innovators, interviews which discuss new innovations, big ideas, disruptive technologies, and the thought leaders, innovators, rebels, and trailblazers that make all of this possible.  

Fintech combines the worlds of the Finance and Technology sectors, and applies advancements in technology to financial products and services.  Changes in technology, and what is possible with technology, have accelerated the developments in applications, processes, services, and products for the Fintech companies.

Our Conversations With Innovators in Fintech highlight the advances being made, and also share insights into the thought leaders behind them.

OneGold and APMEX – Q&A with CEO Kenneth Lewis

“OneGold eliminates all traditional barriers to purchase gold and silver, bringing the precious metals buying experience to anyone looking to protect their wealth immediately. We have made a paradigm shift in how metal is procured, while implementing modern trading technologies that do not exist in our industry. We also provide a simple and intuitive user experience with a high emphasis on security with transparent pricing and no hidden fees.”

Betterment - Q&A with Ben Alden, General Counsel

“You can enter the mobile app and there’s a messaging icon. You can ask questions, and if it’s a customer support question someone from customer support will answer, and if it’s a financial question one of our advisors will answer you. In that way, it allows us to give more advice to more people in a way that people like to interact. It’s all about getting to that ultimate goal of empowering people to do what’s best for their money.”

Fundrise – Q&A with Kendall Davis, Vice-President of Investments

“As the first company to implement a real estate crowdfunding platform online, Fundrise saw an opportunity to give the average retail investor access to high­ quality, private real estate investments that have been previously only available to the ultra­-wealthy.”

Groundfloor - Q&A with Nick Bhargava, co-founder and Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

“Groundfloor plans to bring its innovative model to new asset classes, further collapsing the cost structure in various segments of the capital markets, and providing new opportunities for all investors, regardless of accreditation.”

Simply Safe Dividends - Q&A with Brian Bollinger, President

Simply Safe Dividends is a true one-stop shop for dividend investors, providing a suite of tools, research, and data. Our lineup of easy-to-use online tools includes a portfolio income tracker, dividend stock screener, dividend stock analyzer, and watch list. We offer several proprietary metrics as well, including our Dividend Safety Scores, which help investors identify companies with the relatively safest or riskiest dividends in the market. Dividend Safety Scores help folks make better informed decisions to improve their chances of generating safe income from dividend stocks, especially for retirement.”

Stash Wealth - Q&A with Priya Malani, Founder

“Smart technology supports our conversations, it does not replace them. We offer white glove service – the type of hand holding that we believe helps empower individuals to make smarter financial decisions for themselves. We never forget that personal finances are personal – it’s not just about the numbers. We take the time to make sure our clients have a solid financial foundation and have started to think about their short and long term goals. Also about 80% of what we do with clients has a basis in behavioral finance and psychology.”

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