Join Us This Memorial Day Weekend at Carry The Load 2018


As Memorial Day 2018 is fast-approaching, we take this time to reflect on the sacrifices, past and present, made by all in our armed forces. Once again, my family and I would be honored for you to join us in supporting Carry The Load, a nonprofit dedicated to celebrating our nation's heroes.

Carry The Load was founded by two former Navy SEALS, and puts on a two-day event over Memorial Day weekend.  It is an interactive way to pay tribute to the true meaning of Memorial Day with your community.

On Sunday, May 27, 2018 (the Sunday before Memorial Day), the 20-hour walk known as the Dallas Memorial March will begin at 12:00 PM, and will conclude at 3:30 PM on Monday, May 28, 2018. Along with my wife and three children, I will be walking to "carry the load" of those who have fought bravely for the freedom we enjoy every day.

Highlights from last year's Carry The Load event:


We encourage you to participate!

Here's how to get involved:

  • Visit our Team Page and join our team to show your support. Follow This Link to join us and click on the blue "Join Team" button.

  • You can join our team without making a donation or attending the walk.

  • Help raise awareness of the event by sharing it with your friends via social media.

  • Go to the opening ceremony to celebrate Dallas's veterans, particularly those that gave it all. The event is held at Reverchon Park, 3505 Maple Avenue, Dallas, TX 75219.

  • Make a donation through our team page. To make a donation, please Follow This Link and click on the red "Donate Now" button.

Carry The Load

Carry The Load

Carry The Load

Carry The Load

Carry The Load

Carry The Load

Spotlight on The Courage Foundation

In keeping with the Carry The Load spirit, this year we are supporting Mark Divine's "Burpees for Vets" Challenge! He is leading the charge in this year’s  to raise $250,000 in aid for veterans struggling with PTS. All are encouraged to participate, and Divine has personally committed to 100,000 burpees this year as inspiration to join the cause.

Mark founded The Courage Foundation, an organization whose mission is to raise awareness about PTS, reduce the risk of suicide, and help vets heal mind, body, and spirit.

Please consider sponsoring Team Klemchuk's "Burpees for Vets" fundraising commitment for this important cause.  If you would like to make a pledge in support of our effort, we would be proud to have you on our team!


Thanks for joining us in 2017. We look forward to this year's festivities!

Carry The Load

Carry The Load

You made a huge difference last year. More than 20,000 of you gathered for the Dallas Memorial March, and Carry The Load more than doubled the number of Rally Cities across the country. 

To date, your efforts have raised over $15 million! These funds not only helped support awareness programs like the Memorial Day events, but also allowed Carry the Load to strengthen its Continuum of Care programs, as well as our local and national non-profit partners. CTL expanded it's reach by creating an educational program, Carry the F.L.A.G., which provides Elementary, Middle and High school students the opportunity to learn honor and respect for our flag, and to learn how our Veteran's have sacrificed for this sacred symbol.  

Lets build on this momentum!  The mission continues in 2018, and we need you again this year. As you are aware, this organization is rooted in and made up of solid, patriotic individuals. Carry the Load would not be able to honor and support our heroes if it were not for people like you. 

I hope you will support the cause either by donating, or  joining Team Klemchuk!

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