Klemchuk Kubasta Associate to Teach IP Fundamentals to FW Students

Klemchuk Kubasta LLP (KK LLP), a leading full-service intellectual property (IP) law firm, is participating in a Lunch and Learn program for the Eastern Hills High School Law and Government “Program of Choice” class in Fort Worth on Wednesday, Feb. 8. Todd Basile, an associate within the firm and a former engineer, will teach the students the fundamentals of IP (intellectual property) law, while highlighting potential career paths in the IP legal field. “Few people think twice about sharing photos, music clips, movies, articles, software, recipes and other information they receive or find circulating on the Internet,” said Todd Basile. “We are inundated with brand names, logos, and slogans that may influence our purchasing decisions. Frequently, we may unknowingly be trusted with valuable or proprietary information that gives a company a competitive edge. This overview will highlight just how widespread intellectual property is in our society today, and will give students, parents and instructors a greater appreciation for its value.”

According to Kelly Kubasta, co-founder and senior partner of the firm, KK LLP is committed to serving the community, and partnering with Eastern Hills’ “Program of Choice” gives the firm an opportunity to be in front of future leaders and business people. “Being involved in an outreach program that helps educate the public about IP law is critical for the fast-changing world of information exchange, especially with the Internet,” Kubasta noted. “As a member of the Texas Young Lawyers Association (TYLA), Todd will be able to draw on his experience in business and engineering to give these students, parents and teachers an idea of the risks associated with sharing information without permission, and some basic principles of IP law that can be used in their everyday lives.”

TYLA is sponsoring this community-based education program, and is developing a pilot program that can be presented in other schools throughout the Metroplex. To further support the community outreach classes, the committee is creating a pamphlet titled, “Intellectual Property Pocket Guide,” which is designed to explain IP for everyone. The committee is also writing an instructive outline detailing music licensing and artist’s rights that will be published on the TYLA website.

“The ‘Lunch and Learn’ class is a great way to introduce our students to professionals in the Fort Worth business community,” said Brenda Carter, coordinator for Fort Worth’s Gold Seal Programs of Choice. “We look forward to this inaugural program, and want to express our appreciation for Todd and the other TYLA members as they work to educate the public on IP law.”

Additional information about the firm and its attorneys may be found at www.klemchuk.com.

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