Dondi Opinion

Dondi Opinion - Required for Pro Hac Vice Admission NDTX

In Section XI of the form for admission Pro Hac Vice, the Northern District of Texas requires all applicants to certify that “Applicant has read Dondi Properties Corp. v. Commerce Savs. & Loan Ass’n, 121 F.R.D.284 (N.D. Tex. 1988) (en banc), and the local civil rules of this court and will comply with the standards of practice adopted in Dondi and with the local civil rules.”  A PDF of the opinion is below.

Read more about the Dondi opinion on the Northern District of Texas website as well as the admission requirements for attorneys in the Northern District of Texas.

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For more information about the local counsel services we provide, read our Local Counsel Services Overview as well as our Local Counsel Expectations for more detail on engaging us to be local counsel.  The pro hac vice admission requirements for Texas federal courts along with pro hac vice applications can be found at Local Counsel Requirements - Northern District of TexasLocal Counsel Requirements - Eastern District of TexasLocal Counsel Requirements - Western District of Texas, and Local Counsel Requirements - Southern District of Texas.

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