The following sets forth the local counsel requirements – Eastern District Texas along with an application to appear pro hac vice and attorney admission requirements.

Local Counsel Requirements – Eastern District Texas

The attorney admission requirement for the Eastern District of Texas is set forth in Local Rule LR AT-1:

LOCAL RULE AT-1 Admission to Practice

(a)  An attorney who has been admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States, a United States Court of Appeals, a United States District Court, or the highest court of a state, is eligible for admission to the bar of this court.  He or she must be of good moral and professional character and must be a member in good standing of the state and federal bars in which he or she is licensed.

(b)  Each applicant shall file an application on a form prescribed by the court.  If the applicant has previously been subject to disciplinary proceedings, full information about the proceedings, the charges, and the result must be given.

(1)  A motion for admission made by a member in good standing of the State Bar of Texas or the bar of any United States District Court shall accompany the completed admission form.  The movant must state that the applicant is competent to practice before this court and is of good personal and professional character.

(2)  The applicant must state in the application that he or she has read Local Rule AT-3, the “Standards of Practice to be Observed by Attorneys,” and the local rules of this court and that he or she will comply with the standards of practice adopted in Local Rule AT-3 and with the local rules.

(3)  The applicant must provide with the application form an oath of admission signed in the presence of a notary public on a form prescribed by the court.  The completed application for admission, motion for admission, and oath of admission shall be submitted to the court, along with the admission fee required by law and any other fee required by the court.  Upon investigation of the fitness, competency, and qualifications of the applicant, the completed application form may be granted or denied by the clerk subject to the oversight of the chief judge.

(c)  The clerk shall maintain a complete list of all attorneys who have been admitted to practice before the court.

(d)  An attorney who is not admitted to practice before this court may appear for or represent a party in any case in this court only upon an approved application to appear pro hac vice.  When an attorney who is not a member of the bar of this court appears in any case before this court, he or she shall first submit electronically an application to appear pro hac vice with the clerk of court.  The applicant must read and comply with Local Rule AT-3, the “Standards of Practice to Be Observed by Attorneys,” and the local rules of this court.  The application shall be made using the form that is available on the court’s website and must be signed by the applicant personally.  Detailed instructions on how to e-file the application appear on the court’s website, located at   Such application also shall be accompanied by a $100.00 local fee, which must be paid electronically.  Any attachments to pro hac vice applications will be handled as electronic sealed documents by the clerk’s office.  The application shall be acted upon with dispatch by the clerk on the court’s behalf.  The clerk shall notify the applicant as soon as possible after the application is acted upon.

Pro Hac Vice Application

You can find a PDF of the Eastern District of Texas’s Pro Hac Vice application below as well as by using this link to the court’s website.

Pro Hac App – Eastern District of Texas

Local Counsel Requirements – Eastern District Texas

Other than attorney admission and pro hac vice admission requirements, the Eastern District of Texas does not have a specific local counsel requirement like other Texas District Courts.

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