TikTok App Navigating Copyright Laws

Is the infringement clock ticking on this new app? Or have they changed the game on memes?

Avoiding copyright infringement sometimes seems difficult with short-form video apps such as Vine facing copyright infringement issues, and it leaves users wondering if the short-form video apps will continue to exist.  However, TikTok, which has 800 million downloads worldwide, is currently bringing back the short-form video fad.  TikTok is a digital meme app that allows users to create and post their own short-form videos.  But what makes TikTok different and vibrant in the teenage and social media user catalog?

In the past, apps such as Vine have had issues with copyright infringement when users post videos lip-syncing to a popular song or play the new hit song in the background while doing stunts. Users with videos pulled for infringement sometimes dissuades new users from creating original content for fear of receiving a cease and desist letter or DMCA takedown notice. Additionally, the music industry is working to find ways to curb the illegal use of protected music and images by creating additional procedures for finding the content, and utilizting new software that may help detect the infringing content.

Navigating Copyright Law – What is TikTok’s Strategy?

TikTok is hoping to avoid copyright infringement issues by partnering with the music industry and various music labels. TikTok also works with artists to break their new music through the meme creation app.  This allows users to post videos while lip-syncing to their favorite song, or even use popular music in the background of their videos.  While it is still early on for TikTok, they have created a platform that allows users and the music industry to interact in a unique way in the world of short-form video.

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