Klemchuk LLP Announces Best New Innovations of 2016


As the end of the year is fast-approaching, it is worthwhile to reflect on some of the most memorable and significant innovations.  The following is our list of the best new innovations for 2016. From online real estate advances to communication across the globe, this year has been a great one.

List of Best New Innovations 0f 2016

Below, we are proud to announce what we believe to be the best new innovations of 2016:

  • Skype International Translator

Imagine being able to break down language barriers in a matter of a few clicks? Now it is possible, thanks to Skype’s new artificial-intelligence-based translator. Just after someone stops speaking, “an audio translation is already playing while a text transcript of the translation displays within the Skype app.” See this account of the new technology by Popular Science. Beyond that, the program gets “smarter” over time; the more exposure to various accents and dialects, the more “fluent” it becomes.

  • “Artificial Pancreas” – Minimed 670g

Imagine a device not much bigger than an iPod that could measure blood sugar every 5 minutes and deliver insulin to adjust it accordingly – it is now possible with the Minimed 670g, a.k.a. the “artificial pancreas.” The device, which just recently earned FDA approval, has revolutionized the lifestyle of those who suffer from diabetes. The makers of Minimed proudly affirm that their “…vision is to transform diabetes care together, for greater freedom and better health.” Learn more about the device here.

  • Apple Airpods

Apple never fails to bring something new and cutting-edge to the table. Although customers may have been up in arms when the company announced that the “iPhone 7 would not have a headphone jack… it also previewed a compelling alternative” in the form of the Airpods. The new technology pairs automatically with your device and pauses music when you remove one during a conversation.

  • OpenDoor

Looking to put your home on the market, or starting your search for your next home? Look no further than your smartphone. The new app, OpenDoor, launched in February 2016 in the DFW area. The new online real estate marketplace allows you to sell your home online, as well as conduct a search for a new home on your own time, allowing for self-guided showings all the way up to making an offer. “OpenDoor was recently recognized by Inman as the most innovative real estate company.” Check it out here.

  • Bakeys Edible Cutlery

Being conscious of the impact we have on our environment should always be top of mind. Bakeys, an Indian cutlery company, has come up with a sustainable and delicious alternative to plastic utensils “as a way to tackle plastic waste.” Their products are vegan-friendly and are made of “rice, wheat, and an ancient grain called sorghum” and come in sweet, savory, and plain flavors.

  • Rapid Zika Test

Zika scares were abound in 2016, and not surprisingly, the demand for better diagnostic technology to detect the virus became a top priority. Many people had to wait several agonizing days to find out whether they were infected, if they had access to care or funds to do so. Researchers at MIT wanted to do something about this, and so they created another method that “…gets results within three hours. When exposed to a Zika-containing blood sample, yellow dots on paper turn purple.” Researchers believe this test would be less costly and may also allow for diagnosis of other diseases.

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