Klemchuk LLP Announces Best New Innovations of 2015


As the end of the year is fast-approaching, it is worthwhile to reflect on some of the most memorable and significant innovations.  The following is our list of the best new innovations for 2015. From advances in the fight against Ebola to electronic devices that “listen,” 2015 has made its mark.

List of Best New Innovations of 2015:

Below, we are proud to announce what we believe to be the best new innovations of 2015:

  • Casper Mattress

We all need our precious beauty sleep, and what better way to get it than to invest in a comfortable, new mattress that offers a fully-refundable 100-day trial period? The self-proclaimed bed-in-a-box comes vacuum-packed and interestingly unfolds to its full size and shape. Casper CEO, Phillip Krim, says the company’s model centers on the convenience of online sales in order to keep prices affordable. Goodnight and sleep tight!

  • New Ebola Vaccine / rVSV-ZEBOV

Medical advances in the fight against Ebola have been noteworthy this year. In the face of the recent outbreak, which was the largest in history, Merck worked diligently to develop rVSV-ZEBOV with the assistance of the World Health Organization. The vaccine was given to 4,000 recipients in Guinea, and a week from the time of administration, all recipients remained disease-free.

  • Amazon Echo

Out of paper towels? Just tell Alexa. The Amazon Echo evokes images of artificial intelligence to some, and rightly so. The idea of “talking” to an electronic device that can not only understand, but act on human requests still seems like a foreign concept, but not anymore. The device “acts as an intelligent hub for the house, linking together other smart appliances with a voice interface. Once set up, it listens passively at all times.” The future is now.

  • Eatwell – Dinnerware for Dementia Patients

There is no doubt that dementia is a debilitating condition which requires a great deal of compassion and assistance in managing. Patients struggle with various symptoms such as memory loss and confusion, along with “impairments associated with… difficulty eating.” To help, Sha Yao created a set of utensils called Eatwell, which “uses more than 20 distinct features to give dementia sufferers more independence during mealtime… the dishware has slanted bottoms for easy scooping” and “bright colors to distinguish food.”

  • Ikea Foundation and Better Shelter / Solar-Powered Shelters

This year, the Ikea Foundation, along with Better Shelter, have created “modular, flat-pack, solar-powered shelters” to house refugees. The shelters only take a few hours to construct, and can be linked together for more space. Better Shelter estimates a delivery of 10,000 shelters this year alone.

  • “Be My Eyes” Smartphone App to aid the Blind

The Danish Blind Society has created an app that “connects visually impaired users to sighted ones.” The program aims to support those who need assistance with daily tasks such as walking down the street, deciphering ingredient labels, and the like. The app, called Be My Eyes, is currently free and has helped over 20,000 users thus far.

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