Chronic Stress, a Company Killer


Chronic stress. Just the words invoke a reaction in most people. We all have stress in our lives and we all deal with it differently. Stress in the workplace can affect more than just productivity. It can cause health problems and permeate company culture creating conflict, irritability and fear. If ignored, stress can damage a company’s reputation with both current and future employees. Companies can combat the effects of stress by following some easy tips to help their employees relax and get into a better state of mind.

Take it to the team

Share concerns about overstressed staff with the leadership team. Ask if others are sensing the same stress level. Together, you can brainstorms solutions on how to resolve the issue.


Management needs to maintain consistent open communication with employees on any company-wide concerns including big projects, budget cuts, staff turnover or new policies and procedures. Acknowledging the pressure points can show employees you are aware of how changes may affect their work stress level. Communication also helps share the plan with co-workers. If there is a solid plan or an end in sight to a stressful situation, it is easier to mange the expectations of stress.


When an employee is feeling the side effects of stress (exhaustion or sickness), they will not be doing their best work. Putting in a workplace wellness plan can help. If your company does not have the budget for a formal plan, there are many free ideas that can offer some benefits. Advocate for people to get away from the office for lunch or to be more active in the office. Also try to avoid emailing employees outside of normal working hours. This offers them an uninterrupted break from the office, which allows them to decompress.


A little bit of appreciation goes a long way for employees who are working hard for you. Making them feel valued and sharing their successes with the company is a great way to show individuals how their contributions are helping the company achieve its goals. All this leads to more confidence in their performance, which helps alleviate stress.


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