The term “private equity” is often used interchangeably with “venture capital.” While the terms generally address similar concepts, they have significant differences and require unique legal advice, support and services. Broadly, they both refer to the practice of investing in private companies and then exiting the investment through some liquidation transaction. However, venture capital usually occur at the early stages of a business’ life and tends to invest capital in more of speculative, riskier environment. Traditional private equity often occurs after technology, market and revenue models have been established to provide growth capital or liquidation for founders and early investors.

Our business attorneys have experience in representing individual and institutional investors, hedge funds, and family offices in private equity and debt-funding transactions at the venture, growth, or liquidation capital stages.

Whether representing a business considering or receiving private funding or representing the investors or capital source, we understand the objectives of such an investment and have experience in relevant markets and industries that allow us to properly advise, conduct due diligence, and draft and review documents to help you and your advisors.

As a corporate and commercial law firm our corporate and commercial attorneys can assist with advising on mergers and acquisitions legal issues. See our Corporate & Commercial service line page  for additional information about mergers and acquisitions legal services.