As part of our litigation practice, we represent plaintiffs and defendants in unfair competition litigation in state and federal courts. Unfair competition seeks to prevent one party from obtaining an unfair advantage over another party. Some examples of unfair competition include trademark infringement, passing off unauthentic goods, and trade secret misappropriation. Any business with employees or confidential information has potential issues related to claims of unfair competition. Taking the necessary precautions from the beginning can help avoid litigation as the company grows.

Unfair Competition Law

Any time confidential information is shared with employees or third parties, companies are exposed to the risk of unfair competition. Companies should consider taking proactive steps to prevent unfair competition. There are a variety of such steps including non-disclosure, non-solicitation, and non-compete agreements. Unfair competition law is sometimes referred to as an umbrella of wrongs that can be committed, and it is not limited to ex-employees competing unfairly. Other acts that fall within unfair competition law include commercial espionage, passing off or palming off goods or services representing that they were sourced by another, as well as other forms of commercial or business deceit.

Unfair Competition Litigation

Depending on the circumstances, unfair competition should be addressed as soon as possible. If a former employee leaves to work for a competitor and violates employment agreements or takes confidential information, an attorney should be able to prevent any destructive impact on the business. The remedies for unfair competition can vary depending on the facts of the case, including actual and exemplary damages, as well as injunctive relief.

As an IP and business litigation law firm, our unfair competition litigation attorneys can assist with advising on unfair competition litigation legal issues. See our IP and Business Litigation service line page for additional information about unfair competition litigation legal services.

Local Counsel for Unfair Competition Litigation Matters

We also act as local counsel for out-of-state plaintiffs and defendants involved in unfair competition litigation in federal and state courts in Texas. See our local counsel litigation page for more details.