Patent transactions and patent licensing can be a way for patent holders to generate value in connection with a patent portfolio. Obtaining a patent license also can be a mechanism to lawfully practice an invention covered by another’s patent.

Patent Transactions

Patent transactions and patent licenses not only require an understanding of patent law, they also require a unique understanding of contract law as well as the technology being described in a patent. We have experience in each of these areas that allows us to assist clients with patent licensing and other patent transactions, regardless whether the client is the patent holder or the prospective licensee.

Patent Licensing

Patent licensing does not always take place in a vacuum though. A patent license also may be entered into within the context of larger intellectual property (IP) transactions. We also have experience assisting clients with negotiation of IP transactions that may involve patent licensing as well as touch on other areas of IP. Klemchuk LLP patent attorneys are experienced in all aspects of patent licensing law.

IP Transactions

We evaluate and provide counseling regarding proposed or existing IP transactions, including patent transactions and patent licenses. IP transactions, and even patent transactions, often extend beyond IP licensing alone and may include inventorship agreements, assignments, royalty agreements, and sales agreements. We have experience entering into, enforcing and/or challenging these types of agreements to ensure our client’s rights are sufficiently protected.

As a patent law firm, our patent lawyers can assist with advising on patent transactions and licensing legal issues. See our Patents service line page for additional information about patent transactions and licensing legal services.