Patents can be a central component of an intellectual property (IP) portfolio. Once issued, a patent can exclude another from engaging in certain activities that would compete with the patent holder. In seeking to protect an invention through patent protection, clients can develop and maintain a competitive position in the marketplace.  Klemchuk LLP attorneys advise on all aspects of patent protection & counseling.

Patent Protection & Counseling

Effective patent protection & counseling can allow the patent holder to exclude others from making, using, selling, offering for sale, or importing the patented invention. While patent protection can often be focused on US protection, it also may be international in scope.

We provide a comprehensive range of utility and design patent protection, prosecution, and counseling services, and we assist with both domestic (US) patent protection as well as foreign/international patent protection aided by our extensive contacts with foreign firms. Recognizing that the cost of patent protection can be highly dependent on the scope and number of claims desired as well as the actions taken by the patent examiner, we work with clients to obtain broad protection consistent with the client’s business goals.

Patent Protection Law

Patent protection is not limited to patent prosecution; patent protection also may involve counseling related to patentability and infringement opinions, patent licensing/cross-licensing, patent portfolio reviews/audits, prior art and clearance searches, competitive intelligence reviews, evaluation of ownership and assignment issues, in-house patent policy reviews, and due diligence investigations.

As a patent law firm, our patent attorneys can assist with advising on patent protection & counseling, as well as advising on all patent related legal issues. See our Patents service line page for additional information about patent protection legal services.