Being sued for patent infringement can be risky, expensive, and disruptive.  If a company is found liable for patent infringement, it may be forced to pay damages for having used the patented technology, and there are instances where the company may be stopped from continuing to use the patented technology.  Thus, patent infringement defense can impact a business’ operations.

Patent Litigation

We understand that patent litigation is more than just a legal issue – it is also a business issue. With that in mind, we focus on obtaining a good business result when patent infringement allegations are involved. This may be defending against the patent infringement allegations through trial in federal court, challenges in the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), and/or through settlement.

Patent Infringement Defense Attorneys

We have the technical experience, trial skills and industry knowledge to defend against a patent infringement lawsuit in federal court as well as in the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) when necessary. However, resolution of the patent infringement allegations outside of trial may be desired. We have experience in various forms of dispute resolution to resolve patent infringement allegations in a manner that meets the client’s goals.

As a patent law firm, our patent lawyers can assist with advising on patent infringement defense legal issues. See our Patents service line page for additional information about patent infringement defense legal services.

Local Counsel for Patent Litigation Matters

Our patent litigation attorneys also act as local counsel for out-of-state plaintiffs and defendants involved in patent disputes in Texas federal district courts, including the most active forum for patent litigation, the Eastern District of Texas. See our Local Counsel page for more details.

If you have a patent case in the Eastern District of Texas or the Northern District of Texas, see our white papers, Eastern District Texas Patent Rules: Diagram & Checklist and Texas Patent Rules Northern District: Diagram & Checklist for more detail on Texas Local Patent Rules plus a diagram of each set of rules and a downloadable checklist as well as the EDTX Local Patent Rules, NDTX Local Patent Rules, and SDTX Local Patent Rules.