Non-compete agreements – where employees agree not to compete with their employer for a period of time – have become common in employment contracts. A non-compete agreement can include a variety of covenants, from not soliciting business from a former employer’s customers to not disclosing confidential information.

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in non-compete litigation in Texas and throughout the country. Non-compete litigation is frequently part of more general business disputes and is only one of a number of claims being asserted.

Non-Compete Agreements/Non-Compete Law

It is important that a non-compete agreement is properly drafted so that it is enforceable and provides necessary protection. Agreements should be drafted to provide the best legal protections for a company. Conducting exit interviews with departing employees and reminding them of their non-compete agreements, as well as providing them a copy of the agreement, will likely enhance the enforcement of the agreement.

Non-Compete Enforcement

Litigation over non-compete agreements often moves quickly and may include requests for immediate relief, such as temporary restraining orders, temporary or preliminary injunctions, expedited discovery, and other pre-judgment remedies. Non-compete litigation provides its own challenges to a business. It is therefore important that you develop your strategy before litigation begins.

As an IP and business litigation law firm, our non-competition litigation attorneys can assist with advising on non-compete litigation legal issues. See our IP and Business Litigation service line page for additional information about non-compete litigation legal services.

Local Counsel for Non-Compete Litigation Matters

We also act as local counsel to out-of-state plaintiffs and defendants involved in non-compete litigation filed in federal and state courts in Texas. See our local counsel litigation page for more details.