Klemchuk LLP Supports 24-Hour Live Stream of University-Level Physiological Signals and Biomedical Electronics by The Shoulders of Giants (TSoG)


DALLAS – Klemchuk LLP, a leading litigation, intellectual property (IP), and business law firm, announces its support of TSOG.tv, an online platform teaching science and engineering to students anywhere in the world, which, on June 29, 2019, provided a unique opportunity for viewers to be exposed to an entire semester of university-level physiological signals and biomedical electronics in 24 hours of continuous live stream.  Dr. Steven J. Foland, accomplished engineer and educator and founder of TSOG.tv., taught this course through a 24-hour live stream available exclusively on www.twitchtv.tsogtv. The 24-hour live stream was free for all viewers to watch, and not only did Dr. Foland teach the entire physiological signals and biomedical electronics curriculum, he interacted with viewers through a combination of lecture and laboratory exercises.

TSOG.tv, through The Shoulders of Giants (TSoG), leverages technology to provide students with a very interactive, hands-on online community to collaborate and experience science and engineering first-hand.  TSOG.tv offers live-streamed interactive classes free-of-charge on TSOG.tv, and also provides multiple live streams each week free-of-charge on www.twitch.tv/tsogtv as well as a subscription service where students additionally can gain access to an eLearning platform that provides organized course content and materials, an instructor-led community on Discord channels, and a sense of community with like-minded peers and professionals.  Donations and other support are crucial to make the TSOG.tv accessible at a low-cost to as many students around the world as possible.

Anyone who believes in making world-class science education available to students of all ages, can support TSoG by making a one-time tax deductible donation, or begin supporting TSoG on its Patreon page, and/or by purchasing a special, limited-run t-shirt.  All proceeds from donations will be used to support financial-aid recipients of TSoG’s ongoing live-streamed interactive classes and subscription service offerings. 

To learn more about TSoG’s goal to bring the thrill of biomedical engineering to students around the globe in Summer 2020, view the trailer here.

About TSOG:

The Shoulders of Giants, Inc. (TSoG), a Dallas-based nonprofit (501(c)(3)) corporation, was founded in 2013 on the belief that world-class science education should be available to all students of all ages.  Since its inception, TSoG has provided opportunities for thousands of students to experience science first-hand and broaden their horizons through the guidance of Dr. Steven J. Foland, an accomplished engineer and educator.  With a wealth of time-tested and proven engineering curricula, TSoG has launched live-streamed interactive classes (TSoG.tv) as well as a $30/month subscription service.  This subscription service includes access to an eLearning platform that provides organized course content and materials, instructor led community on Discord channels, and a sense of community with like-minded peers and professionals. Leveraging technology meant to translate into a more direct impact on any student who seeks technical knowledge and practical skills without regard to geographical limitations or student economic ability.

For more information on TSoG and TSOG.tv, visit the TSoG website, and also check out the regular live streams and archived streams.

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