Klemchuk LLP Partner Kirby Drake Chairing Subcommittee of American Chemical Society Committee on Patents and Related Matters

Klemchuk LLP, a leading intellectual property (IP) and technology law firm, announces that Kirby Drake, Partner, is now serving as chair of the Legislation and Regulation Subcommittee of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Committee on Patents and Related Matters. The purpose and mission of the ACS Committee on Patents and Related Matters (CPRM) is to focus on emerging issues related to legislation, regulations, and policies that may impact IP protection and commercialization as it relates to ACS members and the chemical enterprise.

“Kirby’s commitment to ACS has been very positive and appreciated,” said Darin Klemchuk, Managing Partner.

In Drake’s position as chair of the Legislation and Regulation Subcommittee, she will help to carry out the goals of the Subcommittee including (1) monitoring IP issues of importance to chemists and others in the chemical enterprise, (2) working to ensure that interests of ACS members in general are included in debate and discussion about legislation or regulations affecting intellectual property, and (3) maintaining the appropriate mechanisms to respond to IP issues such as visit policy makers, review legislative updates and explore collaborations with intellectual property organizations such as ABA, AIPLA, IPO and the 21st Century Intellectual Property Coalition.

“The Legislation and Regulation Subcommittee was just formed this year, and I am excited that we have already made great strides, including submitting a comment in response to the Patent Office’s request for comments on the Patent Quality Initiative. We are working to let the voices of chemists and the chemical enterprise be heard at the Patent Office,” said Drake.

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