Our litigation attorneys frequently represent out-of-state plaintiffs and defendants in federal and state courts in Texas. We act as primary trial counsel or local counsel to assist foreign jurisdiction attorneys.

We have significant experience with patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and business/commercial litigation.


We offer three distinct ways to assist you:

  • JOINT VENTURE: If you have an IP litigation matter and need technical support or other assistance, our attorneys can joint venture the case with you. We often assist non-patent attorneys with infringement contentions, invalidity contentions, and claim construction (Markman) briefing/hearings.
  • HANDLE THE CASE: Our attorneys can handle IP litigation and transactional matters for your clients.
  • GIVE YOU A COMPETITIVE EDGE: For solo practitioners and small firms, we can help you compete by allowing you to offer a broader range of quality services to your clients. We have partnered on significant IP litigation either by formally appearing as co-counsel or by assisting in the background. We are prepared to offer the assistance you need to represent your client in a successful manner.


We recognize the practice of law is a referral-based business. A significant portion of our IP business is based on referrals from non-IP practitioners. Therefore, we make the following commitments to all referring attorneys.

1. We will respect and honor your relationship with your client. We will not solicit work from your clients. Our goals are to make you look good and to provide quality service to your client.

2. We will provide exemplary service to your client, and that commitment will reflect positively on you. Whatever our role may be, we will keep you apprised of the status of the case or matter.


Our litigation attorneys have represented a number of out-of-state plaintiffs and defendants in federal and state courts in Texas. We have significant experience with patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and business/commercial litigation as local counsel.

We have significant experience with patent claim construction (Markman) proceedings. We can help you navigate local patent rules in federal courts for the Northern District and Eastern District of Texas. We have handled a number of injunction proceedings in trademark cases. We have significant experience with covenants not to compete, unfair competition, misappropriation, and other trade secret cases. We have sought and obtained ex parte temporary restraining orders and temporary injunctions.

If you have a patent case in the Eastern District of Texas or the Northern District of Texas, see our white papers Eastern District Texas Patent Rules: Diagram & Checklist and Texas Patent Rules Northern District: Diagram & Checklist for more detail on Texas Local Patent Rules as well as a diagram of each set of rules and a downloadable checklist as well as the EDTX Local Patent RulesNDTX Local Patent Rules, and SDTX Local Patent Rules.

For attorney admissions, see the district-specific requirements and local rules: Local Counsel Requirements – Northern District of Texas, Local Counsel Requirements – Eastern District of Texas, Local Counsel Requirements – Western District of Texas, and Local Counsel Requirements – Southern District of Texas.  For cases pending in the Northern District, all counsel wishing to appear pro hac vice are required to read the Dondi opinion as part of the admissions process.


The local counsel services provided by our IP litigation attorneys include complex litigation and trial representation in both federal and state courts in Dallas and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We assist with substantive pre-trial motion and briefing practice, and preparing, filing, and arguing preliminary motions and filings (e.g. removal petitions, motions to remand, motions to dismiss, and motions to transfer venue). In addition, our local counsel attorneys assist out-of-state attorneys with the pro hac vice admission process and with other general litigation needs.


Our IP and business trial attorneys are experienced handling intellectual property cases from initial case filing through trial before a court or jury. Our trial attorneys can assist with all aspects of civil trial practice including:

  • Drafting and filing original pleadings
  • Filing and setting hearings
  • Obtaining pre-judgment injunctive relief
  • Motions pro hac vice for out-of-state attorneys
  • Substantive motion and briefing practice, including Markman hearings
  • Discovery practice, including written discovery, depositions, and site inspections
  • Attendance at hearings and trial
  • Filing or resisting motions for temporary restraining orders, temporary and preliminary injunctions, and other equitable relief


Our trial attorneys are experienced with arbitration proceedings. Our litigation attorneys assist clients and referring attorneys with all aspects of arbitration practice, including initial arbitration case evaluation and strategy, selection of arbitrators, representing clients through the entire arbitration process, and post-arbitration matters.


Our trial attorneys provide a broad range of important pretrial assistance to clients and referring attorneys, including claim and case evaluation, pretrial case strategy, and in-depth venue and jurisdictional analyses.