Klemchuk Intellectual Property Law Review: Trademark and Copyright Enforcement


The Klemchuk Intellectual Property Law Review is a quarterly educational Internet radio podcast focused on sharing news, tips and trends in complex legal issues focused in business, technology and innovation. This series features attorneys and guests of Klemchuk LLP, the law firm providing patent, trademark, trade dress, copyright and trade secret services, including litigation, licensing, prosecution and other intellectual property counseling. Episode 3: Darin talks about developing an online trademark or copyright enforcement program.

Interview questions and topics covered on this show include:

1) How do IP owners determine harm being suffered and how can they set goals to enforce their rights?

2) What are the steps in identifying and registering intellectual property and whether that is warranted?

3) Who should manage an IP enforcement program and how should they monitor and analyze information?

4) As new technologies invite new infringers, how do we stay guarded and know if we are successful?

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