Best New Innovations of 2017

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As the end of the year is fast-approaching, it is worthwhile to reflect on some of the most memorable and significant innovations. From the continuing expansion of an online retail giant, to a ground-breaking development in cancer treatment, this year has been one for the books.

List of Best New Innovations of 2017:

Below, we are proud to announce what we believe to be the best new innovations of 2017:

  • Amazon

Online retail giant, Amazon, continues to make waves. This year, the company has made real headway on the technology of Amazon Go, which will revolutionize your next grocery run. “After a shopper swipes a code on her mobile phone at the entryway turnstile, she can grab whatever items she likes; they are magically added to her digital cart and automatically paid for when she leaves, through her existing account.” See this story explaining the new developments. What’s more? 200 more countries and territories gained access to Prime Video just this past year.

  • Nintendo Switch

Popular Science names the Nintendo Switch the 2017 Grand Award winner, and it’s not hard to see why – just ask any kid if they’d like to keep playing that game of Super Mario they’d started before you said it was time to leave for grandmother’s house this holiday season. As Popular Science put it, “Nintendo has built a system that bridges the gap between home and on-the-go play.”

  • Future of Electric Cars Becomes Real in 2017

Love to drive? Well, 2017 was key for the future of automobiles as we know it. Take it from the Washington Post, "...when future auto historians look back, they may pinpoint 2017 as the year electric vehicles went from a promising progressive fad to an industry-wide inevitability.” It came down to a few developments, including the release of the mass-market Tesla Model 3, and automakers such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, and Ford declaring intentions to create electric vehicles sooner than you think.

  • “Kymriah” – Cancer Treatment

Every year, the fight to cure cancer marches on. Researchers have been focusing on immunotherapies to combat the disease. This year, however, we saw the FDA approve the “first human gene-edited therapy,” which Popular Science named 2017’s Innovation of the Year. Learn more about the pioneering treatment called “Kymriah,” here.

  • iPhone X

No matter the price point, everyone will be clamoring to get their hands on an iPhone X this holiday season. From the new “edge-to-edge display that takes up the entire face” and conspicuous lack of a home-button, this shiny, new device is the talk of the town.

  • TSA 3-D Bag Scanning

Flying through Phoenix or Boston this year? You may notice something different at the security checkpoint – 3D bag scanning. The new technology offers a 360-degree view of your luggage contents, which will greatly assist the TSA to ensure your safe travels.

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