Klemchuk LLP Announces Best New Innovations of 2014


As the end of the year is fast-approaching, it is worthwhile to reflect on some of the most memorable and significant innovations.  The following is our list of the best new innovations for 2014. From cutting-edge prosthetics, to developments in space travel to Mars, 2014 has been extraordinary.

List of Best New Innovations of 2014:

Below, we are proud to announce what we believe to be the best new innovations of 2014:

  • Aros by Quirky + GE

Tired of high utility bills during brutal summers? What if there was an air conditioning alternative that was not only energy efficient, but also “smart”? Aros by Quirky + GE was released in May 2014 and has already sold almost 50,000 units. The device can turn itself on and off as it “tracks” your behavior over time. Users rave over the sleek white exterior and energy savings of close to 10%.

  • Sproutling Baby Monitor

The Sproutling is the future of baby monitors. The “techy” ankle band takes note of your baby’s heart rate, breathing, movement, and body position while an app acts as parents’ second set of eyes. Not only does the monitor learn baby’s behaviors, it also alerts for environmental factors such as temperature and noise.

  • Ondot Systems Card Control

In our internet and tech-focused world, sensitive information is compromised in the blink of an eye. Those with ill-intentions are especially skilled at accessing personal financial data from various sources. Think you lost your credit card at the restaurant? With the Ondot Systems Card Control app, you can turn your credit cards on and off with the swipe of a finger. Users can also pick and choose which stores are authorized for purchases, and can link to physical locations. Soon, the technology will be accessible through thousands of banking institutions.

  • DEKA Arm System

According to MedicalDaily.com, “2014 saw the arrival of the most complex prosthesis to date.” Known as the DEKA Arm System, the device will allow people to perform tasks with a much more natural motion. For example, activities like shaking hands and eating independently are now possible with the new technology.

  • NASA’s Orion Spacecraft

Though it only spent a few hours in space, it “flew farther from Eath than any previous spacecraft designed for humans in over 40 years.” NASA aims to begin test flights in efforts send astronauts to Mars by 2021.

  • Sovaldi by Gilead Sciences

More than 2 million people in America are infected with Hepatitis C. The new treatment, Sovaldi, may be a breakthrough in the potential cure of the virus. Sovaldi works by stopping the virus from replicating. The FDA has approved Harvoni, a combined-therapy which delivers Sovaldi and another drug in a single pill.

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