Our culture is a reflection of the work, dedication, and ethical practices of our employees. Our culture is illustrated by the practice of our three business strategies. First, we prioritize unexpectedly great customer service. Second, we wholeheartedly believe in innovating by questioning everything. And third, we believe relationships are more than business.

When we talk about providing unexpectedly great client service, we mean approaching every client with passion and innovation.

We promote innovation by advocating for re-conceptualization, the creation of new ideas, and a commitment to continuous quality improvement.

When we say that relationships are more than business, we mean that our relationships extend beyond our business engagements and transactions. We truly care about our clients and we believe in taking actions that enhance our relationships with them, above all else.

By creating a “great place for great people to work” we help each member of our Firm make his or her impact within the practice of law by matching employees with roles that capitalize on their unique abilities, which we believe fosters great service.

What a firm’s culture says about the whole company is more than a sum of the parts. It’s a reflection of the day-to-day efforts, philosophies, behaviors, and contributions of the team to the extent that it shapes and grows the practice of intellectual property law.