Spring Cleaning: Create a Productive Office Environment


With the arrival of spring, many of us hang up our coats and begin to explore the outdoors more. But in the office, spring’s presence doesn’t really do much for us besides make us want to enjoy a patio more. But a quick ‘spring cleaning’ of your mind and office can do wonders for productivity and moral. Take a minute to clean out your office and go through your files to create new workspace and room in your mind. If something is complete, file it away. If you do not use something any more, remove it from your office or work station. Invest in office storage or organizational supplies in order to keep your desk neat and tidy. Allowing room in your mind and on your desk will open up space to take on new projects and challenges.

In his article, “7 Proven Steps to a Better Work Day”, Peter Economy shares with us activities to build into your daily routine to feel better and accomplish more. His seven steps are: 1. Wake Up Early 2. Create a To-Do List 3. Eat Healthy Snacks 4. Walk Around 5. Get Outside 6. Stay Positive 7. Beware the Couch

Each of these are designed more to re-focus your energy and re-charge your batteries. You will be able to be more productive and feel better about both your personal and professional lives.

Source: http://www.inc.com/peter-economy/7-proven-steps-to-a-better-workday.html

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