Corporate finance can be a complicated practice, especially for new business entrepreneurs. When businesses have to find various sources of funding while still being mindful of the capital structure of their companies, the actions that they take to increase the value of the business can often come under increased scrutiny from regulatory bodies and shareholders alike.

In order to be successful, corporate financing often requires complex transactions between a wide variety of differing business entities and structures. Many companies mistakenly rely exclusively on their business partners, banks, or other entities to draft or otherwise provide important legal documents instead of coordinating with dedicated counsel in an attorney-client protected relationship to supply their own.

Moreover, when intellectual property or information technology becomes involved, many companies either undervalue or overestimate the true worth of such assets. Even worse, some companies may not even recognize that some of their processes or products are worthy of intellectual property protection before they share or give away such important assets. As such, many companies fail to leverage such important resources when they seek business or capital financing.

We can help with this. From beginning to end, we have the experience necessary to properly advise you on how to leverage these assets in the best manner possible with your business and legal interests in mind. Likewise, whether we lead the transaction or not, we can perform important due diligence or intellectual property audits that may reveal unleveraged assets and unprotected branding opportunities.

Where documents may already exist, engaging us to review your legal documents and advise on what provisions should be re-negotiated or revised can give your businesses protection or advantages previously unseen and take into consideration recent changes in the law.

We advise clients in a variety of equity and debt financing transactions within a variety of industries, including technology, eCommerce, financial services, Internet, energy, telecommunications, retail, and insurance. Additionally, we provide planning, negotiation, and drafting services for bank loans, lines of credit, letters of credit, and other commercial bank services. As each field has its own intricacies and regulatory requirements, it is important to consult legal counsel when it comes to operating in each legal landscape.

As a corporate and commercial law firm our corporate and commercial attorneys can assist with advising on mergers and acquisitions legal issues. See our Corporate & Commercial service line page  for additional information about mergers and acquisitions legal services.