Mergers & Acquisitions

It is a common mistake for companies to overlook the handling of intellectual property and information technology assets during mergers and acquisitions. Companies can avoid these situations by enlisting our attorneys and their unique knowledge to ensure that their intellectual property and information technology assets are properly protected and leveraged during these transitions.

Business Entity Formation

Choosing the proper form of business entity can protect your personal assets from the liabilities of running a business, offer tax advantages under the right circumstances, and may provide ownership or governance regulation that can assist you in attracting and raising capital from outside sources.

Virtual General Counsel

We recognize that companies of all sizes favor differing approaches when it comes to retaining legal counsel. Many companies are reluctant to hire outside counsel, and it is common for smaller companies to be cautious in budgeting for legal needs. Accordingly, it is important to have immediate access to an attorney that understands your business and is prepared to promptly respond to your need. Even companies that have their own in-house counsel often need the support of a regular outside general counsel familiar with operational processes and business objectives.

Corporate Financing

Corporate finance can be a complicated practice, especially for new business entrepreneurs. When businesses have to find various sources of funding while still being mindful of the capital structure of their companies, the actions that they take to increase the value of the business can often come under increased scrutiny from regulatory bodies and shareholders alike.

Contracts & Commercial Agreements

Contracts and commercial agreements are the cornerstone and foundation of all functioning companies and business entities. Many companies, however, make the mistake of not using or drafting their own legal documents with the assistance of dedicated legal counsel. When companies choose to forego professional legal advice for the sake of cost, it can cost them more in the long run.

Business Transactions

Complex business transactions can make or break a business. From deciding what kind of business entity to form, to financing and operating your business, to conducting mergers or acquisitions, to exiting or liquidating the business, we can assist you at every stage of your business’s lifecycle.

We have extensive experience in business transactions and business litigation. Whether we are assisting you in drafting your employment contracts or helping you secure capital investment, we can provide you with the peace of mind that you are making the right decisions every step of the way.

Employment, Non-Disclosure & Non-Compete Agreements 

Employment policies and agreement are often overlooked businesses. Many companies rely on outdated form contracts that do not specifically address their companies’ specific practices, ever-changing laws and regulation or new technological threats such as hacking or social media. Likewise, many companies fail to recognize that the departure of an employee can result in loss of customer databases or other valuable trade secrets simply because of a lack of legal protection and foresight.

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Business Planning

All companies and entrepreneurs know that proper business planning is an integral part of running any successful business. While many recognize the need to consult legal counsel during the formation of a business entity, few realize that having legal counsel assist in operating the business and navigating a successful exit from a business venture can be just as important.

Whether you are creating or operating a business or leaving one, it is important to ensure that you maintain possession of, or are properly compensated for, any important assets or intellectual property contributed to or generated by the business. Drafting proper legal documents to protect your assets when you create, operate, or exit a business is essential.

Venture Capital & Private Equity

Our business attorneys have experience in representing individual and institutional investors, hedge funds, and family offices in private equity and debt-funding transactions at the venture, growth, or liquidation capital stages.

Corporate Governance & Counseling

Our firm’s experience in business and corporate law allows us to offer corporate governance and counseling services that advises businesses on best corporate practices. We counsel company owners, executives, boards of directors, officers and other officials on internal controls, reporting structure, indemnification, risk management, litigation management, and dispute resolution.

Franchising & Franchise Agreements

Franchising is a common business model that companies use to expand their brand and business. The franchisor is the company that has developed the system and processes, while the franchisee is the third party that hopes to contract for the right to operate a branch of the business. Moreover, due to the importance of the franchisor’s brands and related intellectual property, complicated issues regarding trademarks and trade secrets may arise. Similarly, the more famous the franchise, the more complex the relationships and agreements governing the relationship are likely to be.