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Mastercard Files Patent for Privacy Coins


Method for Anonymization of Transactions
A patent filed by credit card company, Mastercard, is aimed at protecting a method for anonymization of electronic transactions via blockchain.  […]

Costume Designer Sues NBA Star for Ghost Face® Mask Copyright and Trademark Infringement


The intersection of the NBA and Copyright law was put in the spotlight on November 20, 2018, when costume creation and design company Easter Unlimited […]

TikTok App Navigating Copyright Laws


Is the infringement clock ticking on this new app? Or have they changed the game on memes?
Avoiding copyright infringement sometimes seems difficult with short-form video […]

How ICANN is Complying with the GDPR


European Privacy Regulation Results in Changes to ICANN Policies 

The 2018 passage of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) created stricter regulations for companies to meet […]

Etsy Lawsuit Involving Beer Eye Chart


Fan Art Increasingly Popular in Online Marketplaces
With the advent of the Internet, the presence of E-Commerce has begun to dominate marketplaces both domestically and abroad.  […]

Biometric Data Laws Come into Play


In today’s age of mobile devices and ever-present Internet connectivity, consumers have witnessed the rise of the use of biometric data in lieu of passwords […]

Why Did the Girl Scouts Sue the Boy Scouts? Scouts BSA


The times are ever evolving and with it, so are the Boy Scouts of America. After over a century in existence, they’ve decided to open […]

Music Publishers Target PokerNews Podcast For Copyright Infringement


Even as Congress works to pass new legislation that would address digital music licensing and streaming, record labels and music publishers are still filing mass […]

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Series Leads to Netflix Suit for Trademark and Copyright Infringement


Netflix made waves in the intellectual property news this month but not for its usual reasons.  Instead of more news about Netflix’s recent licensing deals […]

Proposed Australian Privacy Bill Raises Privacy Concerns


While the United States continues to struggle to pass any type of overarching and complete data privacy regulation or legislation, U.S. companies have often had […]

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