All companies and entrepreneurs know that proper business planning is an integral part of running any successful business. While many recognize the need to consult legal counsel during the formation of a business entity, few realize that having legal counsel assist in operating the business and navigating a successful exit from a business venture can be just as important.

Whether you are creating or operating a business or leaving one, it is important to ensure that you maintain possession of, or are properly compensated for, any important assets or intellectual property contributed to or generated by the business. Drafting proper legal documents to protect your assets when you create, operate, or exit a business is essential.

Similarly, enlisting legal help to review your business plan or audit your intellectual property or governance practices can significantly reduce risk and enhance value. Our experience in reviewing business plans and advising business owners can significantly impact all stages of business planning. Our review may uncover intellectual property that should be registered or protected. Similarly, assisting you in leveraging your assets more fully can help in securing more corporate financing or finding better investment opportunities.

Our firm’s commercial business-planning attorneys can help develop strategies for companies from beginning to end. Whether you are starting, transitioning, or ending their businesses, we can assist in guiding your company through their life cycle. We provide business-planning services such as business entity formation, corporate structure, corporate succession, insurance, employment contracts, business plan consulting, intellectual property management, information technology business planning, corporate financing, licensing, and buy-sell agreements.

New Business Legal Advice

Planning a new business is an intensive process, and no one should have to go through it without legal counsel. Our attorneys can evaluate your company’s business plans and ideas, and help assess what business entity and growth strategy best fits your needs. As an intellectual property and technology-focused firm, we have the experience to help manage and protect intellectual property assets at the formation stage. Similarly, our firm can help draft, negotiate, and review contracts indispensable to the start-up process. We help clients develop their businesses—big or small.

Commercial Business Planning

Our commercial business-planning practice aims to help clients meet their companies’ goals in the most efficient way possible. Whether you need local or national business plan services, we can help.

As a corporate and commercial law firm our corporate and commercial attorneys can assist with advising on mergers and acquisitions legal issues. See our Corporate & Commercial service line page  for additional information about mergers and acquisitions legal services.