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Is it Legal to Photograph the Eiffel Tower at Night?


While many readers of this blog generally understand the federal copyright laws of the United States, some of the European Union’s copyright laws may come […]

Google’s Legal Troubles over Google X Continue


A renowned architect and Google have been locked in a legal dispute for a little over three years now.  What started out as a legal […]

Hollywood Takes on Streaming Devices


The Electronic Frontier Foundation (“EFF”) has taken issue with Hollywood’s new war on streaming devices.  The EFF alleges that Hollywood and its international counterparts have […]

Allergan Transfers Patents to Native American Tribe


When it comes to intellectual property holdings, many portfolio owners have utilized a number of tactics, legal maneuvers, and strategies to protect their intellectual property […]

USPTO Takes Initiative to Combat Trademark Scams


Brand owners, large and small, are often targets of intellectual property scams that are intended to elicit quick cash from innocent owners.  These scams can […]

Uber and Waymo Clash over Trade Secrets


Two major car companies, Uber and Waymo, are battling it out in U.S. federal courts this year over the alleged theft of Waymo trade secrets.

Waymo […]

Gigi Hadid Sued over Photo of Herself on Instagram


Well-known model Gigi Hadid and the agency that she represents, IMG Models, have been sued by a photographer over an Instagram post that Hadid posted […]

Do Technology Companies Decide what Content is Appropriate?


In the past few months, online content creators and YouTube have been at odds over monetization and payouts.  Many content creators claim that YouTube had […]

Landmark Decision Sets YouTube Fair Use Precedents


YouTube Fair Use Dispute
Last year, two well-known YouTube content creators went to court over claims of copyright infringement.  In 2016, YouTuber Matt Hosseinzadeh, also known […]

4 Common Trademark Registration Mistakes to Avoid


Registering a trademark is an important part of building a brand and growing name recognition.  However, trademark filers sometimes make common trademark registration mistakes.  The […]

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