Counterfeit perfumes – available online, from street vendors, and at discount retailers – may come with a hidden cost. Doctors are concerned about toxic chemicals that are sometimes included in these fake perfumes and colognes. The toxic chemicals include anything from antifreeze to urine to the probable carcinogen DEHP. The chemicals could cause a variety of health-related issues, including rashes, asthma, and sinus problems.

The FBI has advised that, before purchasing, consumers look for signs that may indicate that the fragrance is counterfeit. These signs include:

Packaging that looks slightly different than the authentic brand;
Products advertised as “limited edition” and sold at substantially lower prices than the original; and
The color of the perfume – too pale could indicate a high concentration of alcohol; too dark could mean fake chemicals.

To avoid counterfeit fragrances, experts advise consumers to buy from reputable stores or directly from the manufacturer.

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